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Learn about my
personal GMAT prep
that got me a
780 Score
and how it
can benefit YOU.
What does it take to be a GMAT Winner?

    If you think it is only knowledge that will make you a GMAT Winner,  think again.
    Knowledge can only take you so far!

    There are scores of Math graduates and even PhDs who have not managed to get a 99
    percentile in the GMAT.

    Taking my own example. I am an Engineer by education and I had taught college level
    maths before taking my GMAT.

    However, I still managed to get only a 97 percentile in maths!! The point is that
    knowledge by itself is not sufficient to ace the GMAT.

    You need the other ‘intangible’ qualities & smart Studying Strategies to make things

    In this Website, I have attempted to share my  GMAT experience for your benefit.

Go through this 'Free' Website and....

The Complete list of Idioms for the GMAT, a must for the Sentence Correction section.

Click here to read about  
my personal GMAT Strategy that resulted in a 780 score

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How will Winningprep
improve your
Read what others have to say!
I have benefited so much from
your site and your newsletter that
I want to give something back.

Please don't hesitate to let me
know if you need any specific
testimonials etc from my side.

Just by going through your
website, newsletter and doing
self study with gmat books
recommended by you, I managed
to keep up my motivation level &
far exceed my target score of 720

Vladimir K (GMAT 750)
Your newsletter is simple
amazing!! So many insightful tips
and links to free resources.

I managed to score a 740 with just
6 weeks’ of prep and under $200
spent on essential books.

Kudos to you winningprep.

Sumeria A (GMAT 740)
At first I thought your website is
not very professional, but as I
spent some more time, I realized
that you are completely focused
on content, and great content at

And that is what really matters to
a gmat hopeful like me.

Keep up the good work and wish
me best of luck!
I am taking the gmat in three
weeks time and will let you know
my score (I am targeting 700+).

Bridget K (Not yet taken GMAT)
Most importantly, I realized that it is
indeed possible to increase your
GMAT score by 150+ points.

You saved me countless hours by
giving complete details of your
own prep strategy.

Thank you once again!!

Ram K (GMAT 710)
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