What does it take to be  GMAT  Winner?


If you think it is only knowledge that will make you a GMAT Winner, think again. Knowledge can only take you so far!

There are scores of Math graduates and even PhDs who have not managed to get a 99 percentile in the GMAT.

Taking my own example. I am an Engineer by education and I had taught college level  maths before taking my GMAT.

However, I still managed to get only a 97 percentile in maths!! The point is that  knowledge by itself is not sufficient to ace the GMAT.

You need the other ‘intangible’ qualities & smart Studying Strategies to make things work.

In this Website, I have attempted to share my GMAT experience for your benefit.

Go through this ‘Free‘ Website and….

The Complete list of Idioms for the GMAT, a must for the Sentence Correction section.


Click here to read about my personal GMAT Strategy that resulted in a 780 score


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