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About the Author & the Winningprep team



I work and live in London with my wife and daughter.

I  have been teaching GMAT formally and informally over the past few years.
It all started with my score of 780 that vindicated the strategies that I used to crack the GMAT CAT.

My friends and colleagues wanted me to help them get a high score as well.

I enjoyed helping them thoroughly, and ended up teaching GMAT formally and informally over the past few years.

I have taught In various parts of the world and enjoy it immensely. However, my daytime job prevents me from teaching full time.

In order to provide the  maximum benefit to students across the world, myself and a couple of like minded colleagues have launched this Website.

The admin job is mostly handled by Justin White, and Arvi (who has a perfect 800 score in the GMAT & prefers to stay in the background), is the creative force behind our products.

You can write to me at:

sukhi at my-gmat dot com

(The spaces above are in order to avoid getting a flood of junk mail, so please bear with me!)

I may not be able to reply to individual emails, but I can assure you that I will read each and every email that I get.

Here is wishing you best of luck for your GMAT.