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Expand your leisure time by at least doubling the speed of your reading – so getting your work finished in record time.

Get that elusive 99 percentile GMAT score.

Soak up complex information like a sponge and so undertake complicated tasks with confident ease.

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How you can make dramatic progress within the first 60 minutes (and then build on that with subsequent fun-filled 16-minute sessions).

How you can actually double … triple – or even QUADRUPLE your reading speed and comprehension (all you need do is listen to the program several times, because your speed will increase every time).

Why mastery of this simple core technique is all that you need to zip through your reading (no need to spend hours wading through extensive programs full of padding – simply to justify their outrageous price).

Why ‘traditional skills’ of sub-vocalization, skimming and pacing aren’t needed with my revolutionary method (allowing you to master the skill far quicker than with other programs).

Why you’ll make faster progress by NOT sticking to a rigid regime (yet it’s the most effective way to develop your new skill).

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