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Essential Guide to GMAT Reading Comprehension – eBook

This ebook will help you Identify & rectify your ‘Reading Blocks’ & Triple your reading speed within a few days.

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If I were to point out one single skill that strongly correlates with your final GMAT Score, it would be ‘Reading’.

Ability to read fast not only helps for the RC section of the GMAT, but is also invaluable in the whole of the Verbal section.

Moreover, a fast reader can shave off seconds on each Quant problem by reading and digesting the information quickly.

But there is more…..  being able to read faster will also help you throughout your career. Most of the top managers have reading speeds that are double the national average.

Good Reading skills will not only help you immensely on ALL sections of the GMAT, but throughout your professional career.

So how do you improve your Reading skills?

Well, if you look at hundreds of ‘Reading Programmes’ available  in the market, each one pushing their own ‘strategies & techniques’, it is easy to get confused.

Is there a book or a programme that helps you improve your Reading Speed, but with reference to the gmat exam?

Unfortunately, there is none!!

Well, there was none, till the ‘Essential Guide to GMAT Reading’ came along.

This is book that contains winning strategies for improving your reading speed, and more importantly, enables you to apply these to the GMAT RC section.

Some of the unique features of this book are:

1. Addresses the problem rather than the symptoms. It does not give you dry tips to improve your performance in RC. It gives you strategies to improve your Reading Speed and then applies these strategies to the RC section.

2. Contains proven methods that have helped scores of students double/triple their reading speed WITH Better Comprehension.

3. A thorough analysis of various RC question types and strategies you can apply to each of these.

4. Detailed discussion of which strategies you can apply to come out a Winner on the GMAT RC.

5. Over 100+ Unique RC questions from varied passages for you to practice your newfound skills.

Reading is natural to all of us & poor reading is more because of  bad reading habits rather than any innate disability.

Using the right techniques and methods, it is possible to get rid of poor reading habits and considerably increase your Reading Speed.

This comprehensive 150+ page book will do just that. It will help you:

  • Identify the ‘blocks’ to reading faster.
  • Clear these blocks and double/triple your reading speed.
  • To apply the same strategies that GMAT RC Winners use to get that 99 percentile.

And above all, it will help you become a better and faster reader in a much shorter time than any other course/book/programme.

Over the years that I have taught the GMAT Verbal, and from my own GMAT experience ( I have scored 99 percentile in GMAT Verbal. (See my score here), I have compiled this book to specifically help out students who want to improve their reading skills in general & score big on the GMAT Reading Comprehension section in particular.

Here is a look at the Contents of the ebook:

Why Reading is like exercising a muscle
The Definition of Reading
Five types of reading
Scanning type of reading
Skimming type of reading
Light type of reading
Word by word type reading
‘Reading to study’ type of reading
Are you a Left-Brain or a Right-Brain Reader?
The Eye and its Movements
Eye Span
Peripheral vision
The roots of slow reading
Eight Factors that Reduce Reading Rate
How Winners’ overcome these limiting factors
Overcoming Subvocalization
Stop talking to yourself when you read
Chunk four-words
Overcoming faulty habits
How do Winners Read?
Reading in ‘Thought Groups’: Fast readers do not read every word.
Ignore words that are unimportant
Phrase reading
Take in more words at a time
Look at groups of words
How do winners read fast without sacrificing comprehension?
Fear of losing comprehension: The Role of Speed in the Reading Process
Basic Conditions for Increased Reading Rate
Rate Adjustment
Does faster reading result in lower comprehension?
The relationship between rate of read and comprehension
Test of Reading Speed
Winning techniques/exercises to triple your reading speed
Visual Reading Techniques
Visual Configuration
What is Comprehension Lag?
How can you Consciously force yourself to read faster
You already know 90% information of that you will read
Keep practicing
Sharper focus
Subvocalisation & the Thought-Stream
How did Lee double his speed without feeling the difference?
Pacing & Scanning
Pacing Exercise
In-Depth Reading Techniques
Establish Purpose
Survey A book or publication
Revise Purpose
Study in Depth
Reducing learning time with the SQ3R method
Key Word Noting
Taking Notes
Associative Networks
Mind Maps
Mind Maps
Two vertical lines
Strips reading
Read first sentence
Active reading
Think for a moment, what you read
Breathing and reading
Reading for GMAT
Winning Tips for GMAT RC
What is the most effective reading method for GMAT?
How to deal with Tough RCs
a) Multiple dimension passages
b) Close Answers
C) Satiric/Unclear Tones
Noticing shifts in Passages
The top 3 reasons why people get questions wrong:
Using the 80 -20 rule to your advantage
Does age influence one’s ability to learn to fast read?
How to Get a hyper focus on the GMAT
Be an active reader
What is fixations
Test yourself for how many times you fixate
Developing effective reading skills for the GMAT
When should you take notes?
Types of Passages on the GMAT
Question Types & Strategies for tackling them
Main Idea/Primary Purpose Questions
Title Questions
Specific Detail or Target questions
Inference Type Questions
Attitude Questions
Structure Questions
GMAT RC Practice
Answers with Explanations

Why Should you Buy this Guide?

Reading is perhaps the most important skill on the GMAT.

Most of the commonly available GMAT prep books address the symptoms rather than the problem of slow reading, resulting only in incremental improvements in your RC performance.

You simply cannot improve your GMAT RC performance without addressing the underlying causes of slow reading and getting rid of ‘bad’ reading habits.

I have trained scores of smart students, who did well in All sections of the GMAT, except the RC. And this is primarily because reading skills take time to develop, and you need to thoroughly understand your reading habits and focus on improvement areas.

Over the years, we have closely observed which techniques/methods result in maximum improvement in reading skills in the minimum time.

These concepts are now included in the ‘Essential Guide to GMAT Reading Comprehension’.

This book focuses not only on the reading techniques, but how to apply these techniques to solving the various types of GMAT passages and questions.

One of the most important parameter that the admissions committee looks for, especially in case of Non Native speakers, is their English score. Your Verbal score doesn’t have to be in the nineties, but the closer the better. It has to be high enough to convince them that you deserve that offer letter.

This guide has been especially written from real life experience teaching the nuances of Reading Comprehension to hundreds of students..

This  guide was originally prepared exclusively for students who take private coaching from my- gmat.

Now it is being made available for anyone who has trouble with the GMAT Reading Comprehension

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Money Back Guarantee

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